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Group and Private Swimming Lessons!

Spring Session Swimming Lesson Registration Scheduled for March 8th, 2023 @ 9AM!

Thank-you to everyone who registered for our Winter Swim Session! We still have some open spots in our group lessons, please look online or call the Mooretown Sports Complex at         (519) 867-2651 to see what is still available for your level.

If you are unsure of what level you need to register in, we offer swim assessments on Monday and Wednesday nights at 5-7:30 pm. (Excluding Holidays)

All swim registration will be available ONLINE beginning at 9:00am on March 8th, 2023; this includes Group Lessons & Private Lessons.



Private vs Group Swim Lessons

Most kids DO NOT need private lessons, yet so many of you want them. So we’ve outlined some of the differences here. We have extremely limited private lessons this session due to fewer instructors, but we’ve increased our number of group lessons. This ensures that there is space for
everyone. If you have questions about what level to register your child please contact us at 519-867-2651.

Private Lessons:
Great for mastering a skill that you’ve fallen behind in or need more work on. This is typically various strokes where breathing technique needs more work, or a pull/kick needs corrected. This could also be advanced skills in preparation for advanced courses. When a child is in private lessons our concern is not working toward a specific level, but a specific skill you’ve come to us wanting to work on. Private lessons are suggested for children 6+ that need some additional work.

Group Lessons:
Group lessons offer a great social setting for children with similar skill level. Being surrounded by peers encourages them to master skills quicker than they would in a solo setting. A group lesson also allows for adequate rest time for young kids that aren’t capable of moving for 30 minutes straight. Group lessons are best suited for 3–12-year-olds working on the basic skills in the water.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out!

Advanced Courses

– For Bronze Medallion/Cross, National Lifeguard, Instructors Course and NL Recert Course will be scheduled in the New Year!

Click HERE to see what Advance Programs are available now.

Our Swim for Life program stresses lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills. We incorporate valuable Water Smart® education that will last a lifetime.

We want to remind everyone that if your child is feeling ill, please stay home. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a Lifeguard/Instructor who is at least 15 years old please contact us at 519-867-2651 or email info@stclairtownship.ca for more information!

We once again want to extend our gratitude for your continued support and hope that each one of you stays healthy during this time.

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