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Summer Group and Private Swimming Lessons!

Summer Session Swimming Lesson Registration June 12th at 9AM!

All swim registration will be available ONLINE beginning June 12th at 9:00am; this includes Group Lessons & Private Lessons.

Semi-Private NOTE: you will NOT be able to book a semi-private lesson online – in order to register a semi-private you must either:

  1. Register Online the 1st child in the private lesson and call us at 519-867-2651 in order to register the 2nd child.  You do not need to call right away for this – the second child can be registered anytime before the Session begins. (Preferred)
  2. Call us on registration day beginning at 9:00am at 519-867-2651 to register the 2 children at the same time.

Private vs Group Swim Lessons

Private Lessons:
Great for mastering a skill that you’ve fallen behind in or need more work on. This is typically various strokes where breathing technique needs more work, or a pull/kick needs corrected. This could also be advanced skills in preparation for advanced courses. When a child is in private lessons they will be working through the Lifesaving Society swim levels. Private lessons are suggested for children 6+ that need some additional work.

Group Lessons:
Group lessons offer a great social setting for children with similar skill level. Being surrounded by peers encourages them to master skills quicker than they would in a solo setting. A group lesson also allows for adequate rest time for young kids that aren’t capable of moving for 30 minutes straight. Group lessons are best suited for 3–12-year-olds working on the basic skills in the water.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out!

Tips for Swim Lesson Registration

1.       Account Set Up – If a Profile hasn’t already been created, set up the Parent/Guardians account as well as the registrant’s profile in our system by calling the Mooretown Sports Complex (519-867-2651). You can add multiple profiles on one Family Account. This way you only need one login to view everyone’s profile.  Anyone who registers for a swim lesson requires an account. Creating an account before registration day is very important to save on time. You can also save your financial information on your account for a quicker checkout. Make sure you can login before registration day, if you have any issues with logging in, call the Moore Sports Complex (519-867-2651) and we can assist you.

2.       Know your Child’s Level – If your child has completed swim lessons with us starting Jan 2022, their “Swim Level” will show up on their Customer Profile. If they have never taken swim lessons, it was done at another pool or they were completed before Jan 2022, please call the Moore Sports Complex. It is possible they will need to come in for an evaluation but this should be discussed at least a week before swim lesson registration opens. If your child is currently in swim lessons and you are unsure if they have passed, we update their level on their profile before registration. For Group Lessons please make sure you are registering your child into the correct Level. If you register for the wrong level online you are not guaranteed a spot. 

3.       View the Schedule – Typically we post a preview of the Swim Lesson Schedule that we will be offering on our website https://www.stclairtownshipcommunityservices.ca/learn-to-swim/ and/or on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mooretownsportscomplex/ before the registration date. This will also be available for viewing through the “Program Registration” page through your Login. Please review this schedule to know which swim lesson you would like to register your child in. Every swim lesson will have a 5 digit Course ID. Searching for your swim lesson will be a lot easier if you input the Course ID into the Search Bar, or if you are calling please give the Course ID to Sports Complex Staff. Also, have a couple of back up options in case your preferred swim lesson is already booked.

4.       Register Online – Registration opens at 9AM, registering online is going to be the fastest way to book your spot. Another option is to call in, but calling in to register does take time and the phone lines are busy, it may take hours to get through on registration day. Please do not come into the Sports Complex to register.

5.       Unable to Register – Not able to get into the swim lesson you wanted? You can put your child on the waiting list! If anyone withdrawals from the swim lesson and your child is the first on the waiting list, that child will automatically be bumped into the open spot in our system and you will receive an email letting you know a spot has opened up and asking you to confirm. Putting your child on the waiting list also lets us know what swim lesson you are interested in and if we are able to add any more swim lessons we will call whoever is on the waiting lists first.

Advanced Courses

Click HERE to see what Advance Programs are available now.

Our Swim for Life program stresses lots of in-water practice to develop solid swimming strokes and skills. We incorporate valuable Water Smart® education that will last a lifetime.

We want to remind everyone that if your child is feeling ill, please stay home. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a Lifeguard/Instructor who is at least 15 years old please contact us at 519-867-2651 or email info@stclairtownship.ca for more information!

We once again want to extend our gratitude for your continued support and hope that each one of you stays healthy

Swim Lessons – Standard Cancellation Policy:  Please be aware that cancellations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee and any cancellation made after the First 3 Classes is subject to 100% cancellation fee.

Advanced Course – Standard Cancellation Policy:  Please be aware that cancellations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee and any cancellation made within 48 hours of the scheduled activity is subject to 100% cancellation fee. 

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