Dress Code

Permitted Attire:

  • Men should wear golf shirts with collars (mock necks and turtle necks are permitted).
    Shorts may be worn but must be an appropriate length. Denim is allowed.
  • Women are permitted to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, capris and dresses.
    Mock style and sleeveless shirts are permitted as long as they have a collar.
    Bare midriff or cleavage is not acceptable.

Attire Not Permitted:

  • Cut-offs, short shorts, tennis shorts, tank tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, workout attire or spandex or graphic t-shirts. Pants should not be frayed, ripped or have obvious holes.
  • No drawstring pants, shorts or sweat style pants

Soft spikes or spikeless shoes only. Shoes must be worn at all times. Golf sandals are permitted.

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