Senior Summer Camps

Welcome to our Senior Summer Camp which will be filled with different sports and activities throughout the day!  Your child will have a fun, safe experience learning new skills and working every day as a team!  Our camps focus on the physical literacy skills that every child needs and we gear the activities and skills to the age group of the children!

Where: All Camps are held at the Mooretown Sports Complex. .
Ages: 9 - 12 years
Cost: $30.00/day, $125.00 / Week, $900.00 / Summer (1st Child rate), $625.00 / Summer (2nd Child rate), $600.00 / Summer (3rd + Child rate)
Instructors: University/college students/graduates trained in First Aid, C.P.R. and related sports experience.

What To Bring

Sunscreen, hat, drinks, equipment necessary for the sport (golf clubs, baseball glove, ect), lunch, snacks, bathing suit & towel.